Our Class Pet by Adrienne

Peewee is are classroom pet. He is a ginypig. I feed him every day. when his waterbotl is emty he skweels loud. Sometimes  he tugs on his waterbotl. When I give him food  sometimes he flips his bowl over. Its a mess. Peewee is brown and has white spots. He has a pink noes.  Peewee likes to hide in his house. Peewees eyes are dark colerd.  Peewees claws are sharp.We love Peewee as are classroom pet!

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Hello!  One of my hobbies is to try new things in technology and education.  So here is one that I have just discovered. Voice Thread is a web tool for having conversations around a picture, video, or any topic you can imagine.   I am still trying to imagine all the ways I can use this in the classroom.   In this voice thread you can hear the kids make comments about a book we just finished reading.  But the really fun part…. is that you can also talk.  If  you  have a microphone you can record your voice right from your computer.  If not you can type a comment, or use your phone!  Really there are five different ways that you can interact with us. Let’s play around with it and see how much fun we can have.  If you have read the story talk about a part you remember/liked.  If not, ask a question and we will try to answer it or tell about a special animal/doll/lovie that you had as a child. 

All comments will be moderated by Mrs. Patterson