Old Black Fly

Over the holiday we had many flies come to live in our classroom. It reminded Mrs. Patterson of a big book called Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth and Stephen Gammell.  We had a great time reading and singing it.  We used the beginning and the end of this book to create a digital song  with pictures we took using our Digital Blue Microscope and our own scanned art.  We actually had swatted this fly. But he revived under our micoscope while we were looking at him.

Meet McHarg: The Lunch Ladies

Meet the lunch Ladies. The Ladies surve us food. Some people pack and get milk and some people get cheese samwichis.A lot of people like the chickin nugits. Some Ladies watch us in the luchroom. Sometimes we get cookies with are lunch sometimes we get mash pataetos with our lunch. Some people  love their mash pataetos.The lunch Ladies are nice.
By Sophie and Anna

Meet McHarg: Mr. Green

Mr. Green fixes the tables for lunch. He mops the floor. He un klog(unclogs) the toolit(toilet). Sometimes Mr. Green goes in the boyolr (boiler) room. He is going to take our class down there sometime. He locks the doors at night an weekends. Mr. Green is kind to everyone.
by Daniel and Aaron