The O.R.E.O. Project


We participated in an online project with classrooms all over the world. It is called the O.R.E.O. project. (Our Really Exciting Online Project)  Each class averaged the number of oreos they could stack. You can look at the results here.  Keep checking back because classes will be adding their results  until October 16th.

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day

A pirate says “arrr” here is a video about three pirates by our favorite artist Eric Herman. Do you know any good pirate jokes, riddles or funny sayings? My husband and Mr. Smith (the principal at Dalton) pretended to be pirates the whole time we were on a trip one time. They would say things like “Where is a pirates favorite place to eat?……… Arrrrrbys”

Can you think of one? Post it in the comments.

ORRRR we learned that “AR” is a chunk. Look for or think of some words that have the “ar” chunk in them and post them.

Practice addition

We played this game today in math.  The kids really liked it and wanted me to send the link.  You can also access it through our portaportal.  The portaportal site holds all the sites we will visit this year plus many more. If you play the game write in the comments what you liked and how you did with it.


Wonderful Group of Kids

We are having a fabulous start to school.  You have wonderful kids and we are enjoying getting to know each other.  Today we talked about words that start with the “r” sound.   We wrote words on post it notes and then I typed them into “wordle”.  We made a picture to share with you.


Wednesdays are the day we will go to the computer lab.  It is not ready for us to go yet so we worked on our smart board on a site called Star Fall.   The kids really enjoyed it.  We will use a PortaPortal site for all of the sites we visit this year.  You can help your child access these sites again at home if you will book mark this site for them.  You can also find it from our Web site and the Blog.  Thanks for sharing your kids with me.  They are an awesome group.

******We will start having math homework next week on Tuesday and Thursday.*******