Happy Thanksgiving

This year I (Mrs. Patterson) am staying home and cooking for my husband and kids.  My mom and dad are staying in Florida this year and my brother is going to North Carolina.  I think we will eat some turkey and dressing, (that is my favorite) and then we may go see a movie.  What about you?

Write about your Thanksgiving traditions or what you are doing this year in the comment section. What is your favorite thing to eat?  Do you travel somewhere?  Do you have family or friends come to your house?

Short O

This week we are talking about Short O.  Watch this video and then write as many short o words as you can think of.  Then we will take all the words that you have posted and put them in a wordle.  Grown ups, maybe you can help us with some words with more than one syllable.  (like olive or opportunity) Everyone join in so we can get a really cool Wordle!

Author: Mercer Mayer

We are enjoying books by author Mercer Mayer right now. We now have quick access to many videos and web sites of our favorite authors right on our wiki. Here is the link to Mercer Mayer. (click the picture) You can find some others we have enjoyed or will enjoy in the future by clicking the “Author Studies” link on the left side of the wiki.
about_mercer_photo2Be sure to click Mercer Mayer’s name on the wiki to go to the web page for even more fun!  Tell us in the comments what you find fun to do on the web site or about the video you watch!