The Boy and the Toad by Zane


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“Have me” said the toad. “I don’t want a toad. I want a puppy.” the boy screamed to his family. “I don’t like this. It’s not fun to look at a toad all day. I can’t walk a toad” said the boy. I wish my family had not got a toad. I want a puppy. They just didn’t get me a puppy. I want a puppy not this insult little toad. Anyways “I don’t like little things like you” said the boy. “Dinner time” said mommy. The boy didn’t want to bring the toad down to dinner. The boy’s mommy and daddy wanted the boy to bring down the toad so he did it anyway. Mommy asked the boy “what is fun with the toad?” “I hate the toad” said the boy. “But I think the frog, I mean the toad, is cool” said mommy. “But I hate the toad” said the boy. That morning the boy started to like the toad. They went running at the park. The boy liked the toad but when they got home the boy’s mommy and daddy had a surprise for the boy. It was a puppy! “Here is your puppy” said mother and father. “But I want to keep the toad, mother”. “I thought you did not like the toad?” said mother. “But I like him. Can I keep both?” said the boy. “hmm alright” said mommy. “Hurray” said the boy.

Read To Yourself by JR


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I like to read books because they are fun to read. Some are easy for me. Some are hard for me. Some are just right for me. That is what I need for my brain to learn to spell words and names.
monkey book


Happy Earth Day


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Earth Day Game: Michael Michael Go Recycle

Chinese Acrobats visit McHarg


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Some Chinese Acrobats came to our school today. There was a girl who stood on a boys shoulders. She had a stick in her mouth that had a glass of liquid on top. Then the boy climbed a ladder.

The girl spun a table around on her feet. She also spun a barrel around with her feet. She was leaning back on a special chair.

One of the guys had a glass of water. He put it on a triangle shape that was attached to a stick. He spun it around real fast and it didn’t spill. While he was doing that he was also on a unicycle and spinning plastic loops. He had bowls on his head.

Another guy was really strong. He pushed down on a table with his hands and put his feet in the air. He even balanced on one arm.

Two of the guys put plates on sticks that they put on a table.
They had to keep the plates spinning around and around. Then they started spinning plates around on the table. We think there were about 7 sticks with plates and probably 7 plates on the table. That would be 14 plates to keep spinning! Wow! That’s a lot.

They did a lot of juggling at the end. The three guys did some tricks with hats. It was so fast it didn’t even look like the hats were coming off their heads. The other hats almost looked like they were floating. It was awesome.

We loved the show.

If You Give a Giraffe a Muffin by Kathryn


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If you give a giraffe a muffin he will want some jam to go with it. If he eats the muffin he will want another. If he eats another muffin he will have no more jam so you’ll have to go to the store and buy some jam. When he gets home he will want a muffin so what did i say? OK you can have a muffin. So he asked for one more muffin and I said no! You have had to much muffins today how about you have one tomorrow. The next day when the little girl woke up and went downstairs. The giraffe was making muffins. And I said what are you doing, making muffins? Remember what I told you last night. I was making the muffins. “Can you make them now?” said the giraffe. “Yes” said the girl.

Reading! Reading!


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We love our new reading spots. Mrs. Patterson was so pleased at how we stayed focused on our reading this morning. We know that reading is important and we are building our stamina. We can keep our eyes on our books the whole time.

Classroom Beautiful


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Look at this classroom. Isn’t it pretty? Don’t you think you could spend lots of time reading here?

Mrs. Wojtera and I spent the weekend working on more reading spots in our classrooms. I can’t wait for you to all get to school tomorrow and see everything. We will meet on the rug and I will tell you all about it. See you in the morning!

If You Give A Hippo a Muffin by Abby


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If you give a hippo a muffin he’ll want some jam on it. After you give him the jam it will remind him of the bakery where he got the jam. When you get to the bakery he’ll want a cookie. So you’ll buy the cookie.When you give him the cookie it will remind him of a muffin. So you’ll have to take him to the bakery and believe it or not of coarse he got a muffin.


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