Songs Make Learning Fun!

Here are two videos we have enjoyed learning from this week. We are learning sign language to help our reading. Getting our hands involved with our reading is helping our brains to get smarter and the phonics alphabet makes us laugh.
We are going to the computer lab today and we will learn how to leave a comment on the blog.
If you are not in our class, please leave a comment as well and learn along with us.
Here is your challenge:
Watch these videos and then leave a comment about a book that you like to read with someone or a song that you like to sing that helps your brain remember more.
you can leave a list of words that start with “S” in the comment section.

Our Second Week of School by Patterson’s Pack

What a great week.  We are continuing to learn lots of great routines to help us become independent.  We were able to go to the computer lab this week and learned all the expectations for working in there.  We also got to work with a very fun web site called Star Fall.  We will be accessing web sites through Portaportal.  You may want to book mark this or you can also find it on our “Favorite links” tab at the top of the blog.DSC03893

We have learned how to buddy read.  We sit shoulder to shoulder and we can read different ways.  We can take turns reading pages, take turns reading a whole story or take turns reading different stories.


Today, we are going to learn how to leave a post.  Ask you child how to do that this weekend and see if you can leave one.  Write in the post about the most fun or interesting thing you learned this week.