Look What We Are Up To!

We are researchers with Radford University.  We have been looking at and discussing how using iPods in our classroom helps us learn. Recently, RU put together a brand new web site to help other school systems who want to add technology to their learning.  In the teacher videos you can get a peek inside our classroom and see what we are up to.  Click on “Teachers”, “grade profiles” and then “First Grade” to see more clips from our class and Mrs. Wojtera’s First grade class.  Great things are happening in Radford!

ru lab

Weather Watch

We have been invited to participate in a Weather Watch Blog with several other classrooms around the United States. We will be reporting our weather all this week and looking to see what the weather is like around the country.

b0977df73f466f5062479ed545308aeb_1Click on the Virginia Tab at the top or on the right side of the weather watch blog to learn more about us.