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Brooke brought in a caterpillar she found in her yard.  caterpillar 2We looked at it under our Digital Blue microscope.

We learned that it is a Eastern Tent Caterpillar. Some people call it a Bag Worm.  Some people consider this a pest and kill it.

caterpillar 1


Owen found a wasp that was already dead.  We looked at it under the Digital Blue Microscope.

stingerThat Stinger looks a bit scary!

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The caterpillar looks like a bobcat.

Looks like we better find a different caterpillar if we want to watch it turn in to a butterfly.

I found a the wasp in P.E. Mrs.Holecomb put in a ziploc bag.

Yes, this caterpillar will turn into a moth!

I found the wasp I put it in a ziploc bag.

Is the wasp’s stinger poisoned?

I think the wasp looks scary!

I think that the stinger looks like a sword.

Thats a cool catapler

That stinger is cool

the bee have a share end

The steangr look,s so so cool up close.

The wasp stinger looks like a sord.

The stinger looks shorp.I like the caterpillar.

I like the moth and the stinger.

the stinger looks cool owen.maby you will find anutr wune

The catpilrs harr look funny

the stinger looks like a needl were did yow find it owen and jasent the stinger looks cool owen did yow holde it with the stinger.

Haha! I had goosebumps at the photo, but very informative. Thanks for sharing great macro shots.

I enjoyed exploring your blog and reading what your students had to share. The photos were awesome. I am doing research on other class blogs to learn how best to allow students at my school to contribute online. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.

Dear Patterson’s Pack,
I really liked the wasp. How did you catch the wasp with ount getting stung? What did you use to cut the wasp? Did you have alot of fun?
From Caitlyn at Napoleons Primary School.

Hi Caitlyn, Actually the wasp was already dead. One of the student found it outside on the ground. We didn’t cut the wasp. We just zoomed in with the microscope on the parts that we wanted to see. We had a great time. Thanks for the great questions.

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