The Sun By Myra


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Click here to hear  The Sun by Myra

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Great Job Myra! You’re sun is beautiful.

nice rithing mira

Myra, I like your picture! The sun is a star.

nice job myra your pictye is good.

Good job Myra. Your picture is great.

the sun is a ball of fire.

Hi Mrs.Patterson this is Nate your old student.I love your Blog I’m glad you still do it for the student’s it is lot’s of fun. I miss you so so so much!

Nice picture and writing Myra. The sun is a star.

myra I like your sun . the sun is a big ball of fire.

Myra I love your story and picture of the sun! We are so proud of you!!!!!!

good job. the sun is a star.

The sun is a star.

good job myra.the sun is a star.

Myra Ilikeyourpicher thesunisabigbpolloffier

myra your picher is grate i like it the sun is a big ball of fire. the sun is star.

I like the picher myra. the sun is a big ball. and I like the sun. and I like the picher. nis riden.

Good job Myra. The earth goes around the sun.

Good job Myra. Your sun is beautiful. I know something about the sun.The sun is about 1000 degrees.

good job myra.the earth goes around the sun and the sun is a star.

Good job myra. your sun is prettey. Whin are side is faceing the sun it is day whin we are not faceing the sun it is night.

Good job myra. youy sun is prity.ilik it.the sun is big.The sun is big crkle. do not stare at the sun.

I like uor sun myar

Myra your picshr is good.The sun is a star

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