8 thoughts on “The Birds by Madalynn

  1. Great job Madalynn. I like when birds sing in the morning. I like red robins. Birds are fun to wach when they eat.

  2. Great job Madalynn. When I here birds it makes me fill good. Birds make me wake up. one kind of bird I think is pretty is a bluebird. I saw a bird in my yard once.

  3. Amazing job madalynn! I like your picture. My grandma and grandpa have bird feeders at their house.

  4. This was a very nice story Madalynn. I remember when we made the peanut butter pine cone bird feeders. I believe they are still in the back yard. I know that we have alot of birds where we live and they chirp really early in the morning. Good job! -MOM

  5. I like your picture Madalynn.Birds fly.Your picture has lots of birds.

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