21 thoughts on “Legos by Ian

  1. Great job Ian! I love the colors in your picture. I always have fun building legos with you.

  2. Ian, I really like your picture, writing, and reciting! Legos are a lot of fun.

  3. Ian, Very nice writing and really good job reading it. Thank you for sharing that with us.


  4. Amazing picture and writing Ian! I like to billd also. My favorite kind of sets to billd is ninjago and star wars but I like ninjago the best.It is really fun to billd and collect. what kind of set is your favorite? Is it ninjago? I love legos. once I billt a two thosed and 25 pisis and it only tuk me two days

  5. Nice job Ian on your picture and righting. My older brother Nate loves legos.I have my own but there for Halloween I build them Halloween then when I’m done I put them on my shelf.

  6. Now thats a great picture you did and Nana & I are so prood of you. GD Johnny

  7. Son I am so proud of you. What an excellent drawing and letter. Thank you for posting this..

  8. Ian! I love legos too! Once I built a big Lego castle with a drawbridge, dungeon, and treasure chest. Which legos are your favorite?

  9. Ian, your writing inspired me to check out all your constructions. I like the star wars Anakin’s ship the best. Good work both with the construction and writing. Keep it up!

  10. I like your picture Ian. I have legos to Ian. I am working on a new lego set.

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