Legos by Ian

May 2, 2012 by mrspatterson · 21 Comments · classroom, Student posts

Click here to hear Ian read Legos.

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  • Lorree (Ian's mom)

    Great job Ian! I love the colors in your picture. I always have fun building legos with you.

  • Robert

    Ian, I really like your picture, writing, and reciting! Legos are a lot of fun.

  • KP

    Ian, I like your Lego story. Great job reading it.


  • Lynn

    Ian great job . I like building Legos with you .

  • lynn

    Ian great picture. I like building legos to.

  • Lynn

    Ian, I like your Lego picture. Great job reading it.

  • Kathy

    Great job Ian! Your picture is beautiful

  • Joel

    Ian, Very nice writing and really good job reading it. Thank you for sharing that with us.


  • Harper

    I like your pisher. It is good. I made a ones.

  • Madison

    Great job Ian. I have legos .

  • Evan

    Amazing picture and writing Ian! I like to billd also. My favorite kind of sets to billd is ninjago and star wars but I like ninjago the best.It is really fun to billd and collect. what kind of set is your favorite? Is it ninjago? I love legos. once I billt a two thosed and 25 pisis and it only tuk me two days

  • Myra

    Nice job Ian on your picture and righting. My older brother Nate loves legos.I have my own but there for Halloween I build them Halloween then when I’m done I put them on my shelf.

  • johnny50

    Now thats a great picture you did and Nana & I are so prood of you. GD Johnny

  • John Lester (Ian's Father)

    Son I am so proud of you. What an excellent drawing and letter. Thank you for posting this..

  • Ian

    Evan, I like Ninjago; it is my favorite too.

  • Joseph

    Ian! I love legos too! Once I built a big Lego castle with a drawbridge, dungeon, and treasure chest. Which legos are your favorite?

  • Natalie

    Ian, your writing inspired me to check out all your constructions. I like the star wars Anakin’s ship the best. Good work both with the construction and writing. Keep it up!

  • sean

    Good job Ian. I like your picture. I like legos to Ian.

  • Ian

    Joseph I like lego Boats and cars too.

  • cheyenne

    my brother play legos.

  • Nic

    I like your picture Ian. I have legos to Ian. I am working on a new lego set.

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