Jilly Boo’s New Cage!


Posted by mrspatterson | Posted in class photos, classroom, Student posts | Posted on February 21, 2013

We ordered a new cage for Jilly Boo from Piggy Bedspreads.  Jilly Boo likes her new cage.  We picked out the polka dots.  We voted to decide on the fabric and then ordered it.  The cage came yesterday! It is 10 squares around.  It has three squares on two of the  sides and two squares on the other two sides.  The bottom is made of coroplast.  We folded up the sides and taped them.  Then we put on the piggy bedspread.  We put Jilly Boo in it to let her run around.  We could tell she liked it.  While we were watching her, Mrs. Patterson put on the square sides.  We added her hay box, water bottle, food dish and her couch.   We left Jilly Boo and the cage in the middle of our carpet but then we moved her to the reading spot so we could read to her during buddy reading.


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Thank you Mrs Patterson. For buying the cage.It is awesome.I lot it!I like the polka dots.You rock Mrs. Patterson.Thank you Mrs. Patterson for paying 50$ to help us buy it.

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