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About Me!

I am a first grade teacher in Virginia with a love for technology.

I love teaching kids this age. I enjoy helping children learn to read and I also really enjoy technology. I love using my smartboard, digital blue microscope, and  blogging. I also have a blog that is for educators who are interested in the “behind the scenes” workings of my classroom.  It is called Patterson’s Pack Fabulous Firsties.

Blogging has become one of our favorite classroom activities.  The students are very motivated to publish to the “real” world. They are also very excited when people from all over the world comment on their posts.

We have also started a WIKI PAGE.  I am excited about this form of technology.  This has been a great way to get information to families.

In addition to teaching kids, I also enjoy teaching teachers.

I am a Master Teacher with the Teacher Training Institute (TTI)
I enjoy helping teachers learn how to implement technology into their lessons in ways that are relevant to their students needs and learning. It also keeps me fresh.

Personally, I enjoy spending time with my teenage kids and husband.  Usually that means attending sporting events to watch my kids, camping, kayaking, biking and eating out (my favorite).  I also enjoy exercise classes (body pump and step).

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