Pushes and Pulls


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We have been studying motion this week. Today, we played this fun game about pushes and pulls.

A Day in the Life of Patterson’s Pack


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We have been hard at work learning how to be independent workers.  We are learning to appreciate differences and  our similarities.  We are respectful of each others learning styles and supportive of each others learning.  It is a beautiful thing.  Recently a blog reader sent me this article called 20 Things Educators Need to Know about Learning Spaces.  I enjoyed reading the article and thought “wow, maybe everyone isn’t doing things just like us”.  So I decided to ask the kids what they thought about the things we were doing daily and about being able to choose where they prefer to work.  That quickly led to putting together a digital story about our day and how we work.  We use a Daily 5 structure by The Two Sisters.  When the kids are working independently, it allows me to confer and support each child individually.  I love that I feel like I really know each child, their learning strengths and areas that need my support.  Enjoy…


Counting On


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We are learning how to count on.  Use this web site to practice.  You can write in the comments about what you learned about this new strategy.


iPods in the Classroom and at Home


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It seems that several of our classmates have gotten iPods for Christmas! I have had a couple of parents ask me what apps would be good to put on the iPods for their children. A.J.’s mom said she looked on the blog and didn’t find it! What a good idea! Well, it’s here now! I have made a page (see above). I have quickly put a few app suggestions in each of our learning categories. I will try to add more over the next few days. I have found that iPods are awesome for reinforcing and practicing skills but I would be remiss as a reading teacher if I didn’t also say nothing replaces the benefits of reading aloud to and with your child.

Everything in moderation, as my mother always says.

Skip Counting


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Let’s practice skip counting. Click the picture, then choose to count by 2s, 5s or 10s.  It can really help our math skills!  Leave a comment about how you did.

Math Practice


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We have been learning two different strategies for math this week.  One is counting on.  We put a number in our head to start with and then count on to find the sum.  Today we learned about using doubles.  We will be trying to memorize the doubles facts for the next several days.  Playing these games will help.  Click on the “Sqworl” to see our class collection of sites to practice with.  You can also find them again under the favorite links tab above.  Have fun!

Word Wall Practice


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Word Wall Words or High Frequency words are very helpful to your child learning to read fluently.  In first grade we have six lists of words that we need to learn.  I have assessed the class and identified which list of words each child needs to work on.  They have these videos on their ipods that were created by each of the six first grade teachers.  I thought it might help if you had access to these as well.  I have added them to our wiki.  You can click the link or you can click the “Favorite Links” tab at the top of the blog and then click the Word Wall Word Study.  Your child should know which list s/he needs to work on.   Practice a couple of time a week and watch your child’s reading take off! For some extra fun see if you can identify the voices of the first grade teachers!



Money, Money By Patterson’s Pack


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Madison brought in some different coins and we looked at them under our Digital Blue microscope, took pictures and exported them to use in Photo Story. We practiced using adjectives to describe what we saw. Then we read several books by Mary Hill to learn even more about United States Coins and famous Americans.

Save The Whale!


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We are learning to make a 10 to help us add bigger numbers.   Play this game and see if you can memorize all the ways to make a 10.


Love and learning in the air with a web quest on the side!


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We are working on several different strategies to help our reading. Today we put them together as we looked a book that gets us in the mood for Valentines Day.

In this story we had to use our “infer” strategy to figure out what some of the words meant. In class we define infer as using clues from the book, what we already know in our brains and making a good guess. We decided to take this a bit further with another strategy we are using in class, “Expanding Vocabulary”. We used “google” to look up what some of the words meant and learned that this is what lots of good learners do when they don’t know a word. That caused us to get very interested in all the new vocabulary we learned from this book. I have challenged the kids to do some internet research on these words and type up what they learn in the comments. Any other readers, feel free to comment and help our learning!! Since this is a web based project I would ask that you work with your child so that you can monitor any sites that they hit to make sure it is appropriate.






Puffin (if it doesn’t come up click second tab, video & sound)
Whale (click video and sound tab)

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