Google Hangout in the Classroom


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One of our classmates had surgery on her arm.  She will not be able to come to school for THREE weeks!  We missed her so much that we decided to try a “Google Hangout”.  First, we tried it with our morning meeting.  Then we tried it for our math lesson.  Now she is even buddy reading! It has worked like a charm.  We put the iPad in the directors chair and it’s almost like she is right here with us.  She loves it too!

Google Hangout with Patterson’s Pack by Slidely – Slideshow maker

Last Day Together


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Today was the last day for 2013 Patterson’s Pack to be together because Mrs. Patterson’s daughter is playing in the VA state tennis tournament.   It was hard to say goodbye today but we had a concert by Mrs. Patterson’s son, Ryan and his friend Parker.  Then we learned to “Flat Foot” dance and made some picture frames to hold our friends and memories.  It’s been a good year.

Click the Picture to hear them play.

Ryan and Parker

Ryan and Parker

A Day in the Life of Patterson’s Pack


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We have been hard at work learning how to be independent workers.  We are learning to appreciate differences and  our similarities.  We are respectful of each others learning styles and supportive of each others learning.  It is a beautiful thing.  Recently a blog reader sent me this article called 20 Things Educators Need to Know about Learning Spaces.  I enjoyed reading the article and thought “wow, maybe everyone isn’t doing things just like us”.  So I decided to ask the kids what they thought about the things we were doing daily and about being able to choose where they prefer to work.  That quickly led to putting together a digital story about our day and how we work.  We use a Daily 5 structure by The Two Sisters.  When the kids are working independently, it allows me to confer and support each child individually.  I love that I feel like I really know each child, their learning strengths and areas that need my support.  Enjoy…


One School One Book


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Today we launched our One Book One School event. This is our opening video starring our very own PeeWee. Hope you enjoy.

The Elf on the Shelf at McHarg


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The Elf on the Shelf visited McHarg and came to our room.  He explored different things in our room but nothing seemed to work out well for him. Leave us a post to tell us what the elves have been up to in your home.

Word Wall Practice


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Word Wall Words or High Frequency words are very helpful to your child learning to read fluently.  In first grade we have six lists of words that we need to learn.  I have assessed the class and identified which list of words each child needs to work on.  They have these videos on their ipods that were created by each of the six first grade teachers.  I thought it might help if you had access to these as well.  I have added them to our wiki.  You can click the link or you can click the “Favorite Links” tab at the top of the blog and then click the Word Wall Word Study.  Your child should know which list s/he needs to work on.   Practice a couple of time a week and watch your child’s reading take off! For some extra fun see if you can identify the voices of the first grade teachers!



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