iPods in the Classroom

These are some of the apps we are using in the classroom.  If you find ones that your child enjoys tell us about it in the comments.

You can also load CD books in iTunes and listen to the story with book in hand.

You Tube has lots of great videos.  These can be downloaded as MP4 and added to the movie section of your iPod.  Try searching Sesame Street and The Electric Company.

To Practice Drills on Basic Facts-
Brain Blaze Math         Math Bingo          Find Sums            Math Bumpies       Pop Math

Telling Time-    Apples in Hour Hand          Monkey Time

Word Study

Phonics Advanced – Two Vowels                         I know Phonics

Glow Doodle

Listen to Reading
There are a ton of books for listen to reading. Search Dr. Seuss for most of those. I also really like…
Miss Spider’s Tea Party          Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat

I Spy Riddle Race


The Lorax Garden



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