The NED show comes to McHarg


Posted by mrspatterson | Posted in classroom | Posted on February 19, 2010

Today we had an assembly.  It was the NED show.

NED stands for…

N= Never give up
E= Encourage others
D= Do your best

Marty made an Eiffel tower with his yo-yo string.  He made a British flag with his yo-yo string.

Marty made a hat out of balloons.  He put it on Lewis.  It looked like it had a terrific kid antennae.  He told Lewis to hold on to the handles and drive it to his teacher.  While Lewis was driving,  Marty said green light for go and red light for stop.  He gave Lewis a boomerang yo-yo.

At the end of the show Marty ripped up a tissue and popped it in his mouth. Then he pulled lots of colored ones out of his mouth.

We liked the show.  It had a good message.  When people are bad to us we will do good stuff to them.  We will do our best at school. We will listen to grown ups.    We will try everything even if it is hard and we will be kind to everyone.

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