The NED show comes to McHarg

Today we had an assembly.  It was the NED show.

NED stands for…

N= Never give up
E= Encourage others
D= Do your best

Marty made an Eiffel tower with his yo-yo string.  He made a British flag with his yo-yo string.

Marty made a hat out of balloons.  He put it on Lewis.  It looked like it had a terrific kid antennae.  He told Lewis to hold on to the handles and drive it to his teacher.  While Lewis was driving,  Marty said green light for go and red light for stop.  He gave Lewis a boomerang yo-yo.

At the end of the show Marty ripped up a tissue and popped it in his mouth. Then he pulled lots of colored ones out of his mouth.

We liked the show.  It had a good message.  When people are bad to us we will do good stuff to them.  We will do our best at school. We will listen to grown ups.    We will try everything even if it is hard and we will be kind to everyone.

Meet McHarg: Mrs. Holcomb

She’s the p.e. teacher.  If we don’t do something right she wislls(whistles) really loud ! We have fun ! We do a lot of exrsisiss. We play basketball.  We play soccer when its sunny and warm.  We play a lot of basketball in winter. We do headstans.  But the headstans are hard.  The number line has numbers to 1 to 25! Sometimes we do dance party insted of p.e.

by Olivia and Adrienne

Meet McHarg: Mr. Graham

Mr. Graham  is funny. He helps the scool witch is helpful. The hole scool likes that he is a nice man. He  talks to kids. We all like that. He tells  us what  to  do so we don’t go the rong way and so we don’t  bump  into  somebody. He is sophies dad and sophies in are room. He say spechill things on the morning anouncements. He yous(uses) Freddy the frog on friday to tell us if Freddy is sad or happy. one time Freddy went to the baskitball game.

by Isis and Yasmin

Our Turtle by Sophie

We have a clas pet. It is a turdl. It is in it’s taink right now. He has rocks in his tank. He lase on them. He can swim bak and forth. His name is Crush. He has a filtr. It looks like a wodrfol (waterfall). We give him lots of wodr. He has a pikshr(picture) of a pond behind him. He has little blue rocks.
By Sophie

Our Class Pet by Adrienne

Peewee is are classroom pet. He is a ginypig. I feed him every day. when his waterbotl is emty he skweels loud. Sometimes  he tugs on his waterbotl. When I give him food  sometimes he flips his bowl over. Its a mess. Peewee is brown and has white spots. He has a pink noes.  Peewee likes to hide in his house. Peewees eyes are dark colerd.  Peewees claws are sharp.We love Peewee as are classroom pet!