Diversity Week at McHarg

Patterson’s Pack helps McHarg learn about diversity by reciting a poem by Langston Hughes with sign language. It will show on the morning  announcements on Thursday.

Here is our Diversity Schedule for this week

Tuesday: Mismatched shoes

Wednesday: Black and Gold day to honor our own New Orleans Saint Pearson Preleau

Thursday: Crazy Hat

Friday: Clothes from a different culture

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day

A pirate says “arrr” here is a video about three pirates by our favorite artist Eric Herman. Do you know any good pirate jokes, riddles or funny sayings? My husband and Mr. Smith (the principal at Dalton) pretended to be pirates the whole time we were on a trip one time. They would say things like “Where is a pirates favorite place to eat?……… Arrrrrbys”

Can you think of one? Post it in the comments.

ORRRR we learned that “AR” is a chunk. Look for or think of some words that have the “ar” chunk in them and post them.